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The story begins with my young son falling and badly wounding his face. Fortunately I had used Elicina snail cream (crema de caracol) myself after being burned by hot oil when cooking. I was pleased with the gentleness and absorption of Elicina cream on my wound but ultimately delighted that Elicina cream healed my wound, scar free with no discoloration of my skin. After researching if Elicina cream was safe for children, I was so impressed with the results. A two year old child had facial burns and had a skin graft to replace the burnt skin. After surgery his treatment was the application of Elicina cream. Click �here� for the before and after pictures. Remarkable results were achieved in regards to reduced pigmentation, texture and thickness with no side effects. Elicina is an excellent support therapy in the treatment of recent burn scars and grafts on anyone at any age. With this study and the impressive research conducted in Chile and in Athens Hospital, Greece, I was confident in the healing properties of Elicina cream and applied twice a day to my young son. I photographed him nearly each day. It was amazing, within 10 days there was no scar and the redness was reduced considerably. See the slide show below of Gregory using Elicina. There are some other amazing photographs of the healing properties of Elicina cream click the following links:
Hyaline scar
Olive Oil burn Face burn
Post surgery scars I
Post surgery scars II
Post surgery scars III
Keloid formation
Keloid formation after radial artery removal for coronary transplant

Elicina cream is so pure and natural with antibiotic properties that Elicina has the key ingredients to improve most skin conditions. Elicina cream is the most popular as an anti-aging cream and acne treatment. Elicina naturally removes the dead skin cells and regenerates and detoxifies the skin. Elicina nourishes the skin with proteins and improves the skins ability to bounce back. Elicina has helped various skins conditions as rosacea, flat warts, dry skin (Elicina PLUS with moisturizer is recommended) sun spots, liver spots, age spots, and freckles and is a living testimony to heal scars, burns and reduce and diminish keloids.

Elicina is eco-friendly and can be used on anyone at of any age. During these tough economic times worldwide Elicina provides value and results. Results are guaranteed.

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Elicina cream heals abrasions & scars
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