Elicina Snail Cream Caracol Cream

Elicina Snail Cream (Crema de Caracol)
Elicina snail cream or caracol cream is a natural hypoallergenic skin cream made from the secretion of the Chilean earth snail, the Helix Aspersa Muller snail.

The Discovery of Elicina Snail Cream Caracol Cream
Ancient Greeks and Chilean people knew of the beneficial healing properties as well as the cosmetic benefits the Chilean earth snailís secretion produced, but it was BascuŮŠn family who is attributed to bring Elicina snail cream caracol cream to everyone worldwide to experience the benefits of this truly miraculous cream which is so pure, natural & organic. The secret, it is Chilean earth snailís secretion. This secretion helps the Chilean earth snail regenerates its shell when damaged or broken because of the snails rich diet in organic greens & vegetables. Elicina snail cream caracol cream was discovered accidentally when the BascuŮŠn family of Santiago, Chile started farming the Chilean earth snail (Helix Aspersa Muller snail) for the French export market. After experiencing cuts and abrasions from building and handling the snail cages they noticed how their wounds would heal quickly, older scars were diminished and how soft their hands were after farming snails all day. Further analysis completed at the University of Chile and at independent laboratories concluded that the Chilean earth snail consisted of these key ingredients in their natural state: Allantoin a valuable cell-proliferating healing agent (regenerates healthy cells) which stimulates healthy tissue formation and anti-oxidant, proteins that soften and enriches the skin, collagen gives body tissue firmness and strength, elastin works with collagen to give the body tissue flexibility and glycolic acid removes the dead skin cells (exfoliates the skin) and moisturizes the newly exfoliated skin surface. The BascuŮŠn family patented the process of milking the Chilean earth snail of its secretion, so no snails are harmed during the process; the snails are a renewable natural resource.

The Benefits of Elicina Snail Cream
Elicina snail cream caracol cream is 80% snail secretion, other imitation brands only have a minimal amount of snail secretion and try to mimic the Original Snail Cream (Crema de Caracol) from Chile which holds an international patent.

Elicina snail cream caracol cream is all natural, organic, hypoallergenic & safe for any age. In Chile, the Corporation for burned children (COANIQUEM) uses Elicina cream on skin grafts to help reduce the redness, increase recovery time by increasing the function and appearance of the skin. See these amazing photos of the success of Elicina cream on a child who was severely burned . Here is a slide show of my son who had a bad fall and had the minor abrasions to his face. Elicina snail cream is exceptional in regenerating the skin from mild abrasions to severe wounds.

Anti-aging cream. Elicina cream or Elicina Plus defies the aging process. Elicina snail cream will diminish facial lines, wrinkles and expression lines. Visible results within 30 days. Elicina snail cream removes the dead skin cells, retains moisturizer, regenerates new healthy skin and increases the elasticity in the skin. Articles and features have been published worldwide in magazines as Elle, Beauty Forum, Klass among others.

Acne treatment. Use Elicina snail cream twice a day directly on the pimples (or spots) and surrounding area. For the first few days Elicina cream is removing the dead skin cells and the bacteria under the skin will start to surface, so your acne might look worst but continue using Elicina cream, the Allantoin in Elicina snail cream is regenerating the skin and the collagen & elastin are improving the skins elasticity.

Stretch marks & stretch mark prevention. Elicina snail cream helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks & aids in preventing stretch marks. Stretch marks occur under the top layer of the skin when sudden growth occurs usually from puberty, pregnancy or muscle building. It is the lack of collagen that is unable to keep up and support the tissue. Elicina snail cream has natural proteins & collagen to support the skin and elastin to help the skin bounce back. To prevent stretch marks from occurring, apply Elicina cream twice a day to the area stretch marks occur (abdomen, breasts, inner & outer thighs, upper arms, buttocks and hips). Since stretch marks are a scar Elicina helps reduce and eventually eliminates the discoloration of the stretch mark to blend with your normal skin tone. Like with scars if you apply Elicina snail cream to stretch marks that have recently developed, you will see results more rapidly than on older stretch marks.

Ingrown hairs and razor bumps. The anti-oxidant & cell regenerative in Elicina cream, working with the glycolic acid which exfoliates the shaven skin helps cleanse the infected area, reduce the swelling and the redness and moisturizes the skin. Elicina cream or Elicina aftershave balm is recommended, a small amount to be applied right after shaving once or twice a day. Elicina aftershave absorbs quickly and is non-greasy and affordable at $46.99 per 100ml.

Scars and burns. Elicina cream heals scars and burns. It is safe to use Elicina cream after surgery, on skin grafts, on burns or any area of the skin that has been damaged. After surgery, sometimes a keloid will form which is an scar tissue (raised bump or mass) at the sight of the healed skin injury or surgical incision. Apply Elicina snail cream twice a day to the keloid the raised skin will start to diminish, the wrinkles will blend and the redness or discoloration will disappears and revert back to the normal skin tone. Elicina cream works best on new scars, burns or keloids but results will take longer on older healed scars, burns or keloids.

Sun spots, liver spots, age spots, lentigos (freckles) and lentigines. All these skin conditions are treatable with Elicina snail cream. Apply Elicina cream twice a day and apply sun screen over Elicina cream if exposed to sun. If the sun spots, liver spots, age spots, lentigos (freckles) and lentigines are on your hands, apply Elicina cream after washing your hands. For convenience Elicina Pocket is available, it is a convenient to carry and apply anytime, anywhere.

Dry skin. Elicina snail cream does rid the skin of the dead skin cells and retains moisturizers in the skin, but if your skin is dry and flaky we highly recommend Elicina Plus snail cream. Elicina Plus snail cream has all the benefits of Elicina cream but with moisturizer. An affordable solution compared to other moisturizers on the market, at $28.99 for 1.3 oz 40g jar only a little is needed to hydrate the face.

Flat warts. Elicina snail cream is a safe and natural treatment for flat warts. Ancient Greeks and Chilean farmers would treat warts by applying snails directly onto the wart. Elicina snail cream is free of bacteria and demagogically tested which is a healthier and safer method of treating flat warts.

Rosacea. Is a skin conditions which produces persistent redness, pimples and blood vessels on the face and spreads towards the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Early intervention is recommended. Elicina cream has low concentration of natural glycolic acid; this will exfoliate the skin and remove the impurities. With the other natural cell building ingredients like Allantoin in Elicina cream this will rebuild and regenerate new skin, the proteins, collagen and elastic will provide the firmness and elasticity needed for healthy skin. When first using Elicina snail cream on rosacea you might notice your skin is getting worst and the redness is not diminishing. Elicina cream needs time to penetrate and to pull out the impurities and detox the skin then Elicina snail cream needs time to rebuild the skin. Apply Elicina cream twice daily on the affected area. Improvements in your skin will start appearing in 14 days.

Elicina cream
-Size: 1.3oz (40g) jar and Elicina pocket .65oz (20g) tube
-Composition: 80% snail secretion 20% excipients
-Pure and natural no colorants or perfume
-Recommended for people with mixed or oily complexion
-Apply a small amount of Elicina cream twice a day. Avoid eye area
-Here is a link for a complete list of Elicina cream ingredients
-Price: $25 plus free shipping (limited time only)
-To purchase Elicina snail cream click this link: Elicina cream

Elicina Plus
-Size 1.3oz (40g) jar
-Composition: 80% snail secretion 20% excipients which contain natural moisture retaining properties specially blended and tested for maximum hydration of the face and neck with a refreshing sensation of elasticity and firmness
-Pure and natural no colorants or perfume
-Recommended for people with dry sensitive skin that requires more moisturizers to avoid dryness, irritation and tightness.
-Apply a small amount of Elicina Plus snail cream twice a day. Avoid eye area
-Here is a link for a complete list of Elicina Plus ingredients
-Price: $29 plus free shipping (limited time only)
-To purchase Elicina Plus click this link: Elicina Plus

Elicina Aftershave Balm
-Size 3.4oz (100ml) tube
-Composition: Contains the same properties as Elicina, allantoin, collagen, elastin, proteins, and glycolic acid but in a more liquid form with a soft pleasant fragrance.
-Easy absorption and non-greasy
-Recommended for anyone who shaves and experiences ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
-Apply a small amount once or twice daily after shaving.
-Here is a link for a complete list of Elicina aftershave ingredients
-Price: $47 plus free shipping (limited time only)
-To purchase Elicina Aftershave Balm click this link: Elicina Aftershave Balm

Why buy Elicina Snail Cream?
-Elicina cream works, it diminishes and soften wrinkles, scars, keloids, burns, age & sun spots, acne and warts
-Less expensive compared to other skin creams on the market and a minimal amount only be applied
-Elicina cream is sold in more than 150 countries worldwide
-Reusable resource, The Chilean earth snails (Helix Aspersa Muller snail) are not harmed or hurt in the milking process
-Elicina skin cream is organic and eco-friendly, frees your skin of toxins
-Elicina cream is The Original Snail Cream with 80% snail secretion

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- Authorized distributor and reseller of Elicina snail cream
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Disclaimer: Elicina is a natural cosmetic product intended to beautify the skin's appearance. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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